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"It’s always a thrill to hear a band who set enthusiasm at ‘10’, technique and musical know-how at ‘who cares’, and kick your ass into remembering that that’s exactly how it should be. Can’t sing? – just shout! Got a guitar? – whatta you waiting for, hit the fucking thing! And if you’ve got the songs in your head and the awesomeness in your heart that these girls have, you’ll be the best band in town within minutes. Magic. With a fucking ‘k’, if you must."

Friday, 29 January 2010

The Story So Far

On the 14th February, 2005 Hotpants Romance formed two hours before their first gig, with a vow to play once a year on Valentines Day, after a storming two and a half song set the audience wanted more. The original plan was dropped in favor of playing anywhere and everywhere that anyone would have them.

That hot summer of 2005 saw the beginnings of a strict practice regime in the basement of hotpants heights (13 Furness Road) songs were written and chords were learnt. Following a terrible second gig hotpants became compulsory and Hotpants Romance soon became the talk of the Manchester music scene.

Sure enough our luck changed and after a year or two of playing gigs in bedrooms we found ourselves on the megabus taking the beginnings of our own brand of pop music the length and bredth of the country. Soft Presents couldn't resist releasing 'The Hits' a £1 tape of our greatest (and at this stage only) songs. This has long since sold out, you might be able to get a copy of a copy on Ebay.

We jumped on the band wagon and before fans could say factor 12345, we self-released 'The Lucky 6 EP' and 'Live at the Tiger Lounge'.

In 2008 after a win on a horse called Purple Moon, Nightingale Robert Lloyd released the first Hotpants Romance album on his Big Print label. It’s a Heatwave‚ crashed into the world, catching the attention of music press and radio stations to great critical acclaim. The debut album It's a Heatwave is shouty, shambolic, garage pop that wears its heart on its sleeve. It features the international hits 'Stop Escaping' and 'Shake'.

2008 saw us pack our bags and visit the USA twice. First the east coast to tour with the Nightingales and Christy and Emily. To coincide with the US release of It's A Heatwave on the Happy Happy Birthday To Me label we returned in August for a wonderful tour of the Southern States with labelmates Cars Can Be Blue.

Since then we have toured with The Lovely Eggs and The Ting Tings, been played on radio stations around the world and played many live shows including one on bournemouth beach, one in a school hall and one in the sheila's wheels cadillac. We have also released our second album in November 2011 - The International Hotpants Romance, on Cherryade Records.

We are looking forward to finding out the future of Hotpants Romance and we thank you all friends and fans - we couldn't have done it without you!!

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