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"It’s always a thrill to hear a band who set enthusiasm at ‘10’, technique and musical know-how at ‘who cares’, and kick your ass into remembering that that’s exactly how it should be. Can’t sing? – just shout! Got a guitar? – whatta you waiting for, hit the fucking thing! And if you’ve got the songs in your head and the awesomeness in your heart that these girls have, you’ll be the best band in town within minutes. Magic. With a fucking ‘k’, if you must."

Friday, 12 November 2010

we are playing in david bailey's shop good grief! now located in the soup kitchen on stevenson square in manchester
*** NOTE its not in afflecks palace anymore the whole shop has moved ***
at 4:30pm on sunday 21st november
it will be FREE and quite possibly acoustic or something different

tell everyone you won't regret it!!!

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