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"It’s always a thrill to hear a band who set enthusiasm at ‘10’, technique and musical know-how at ‘who cares’, and kick your ass into remembering that that’s exactly how it should be. Can’t sing? – just shout! Got a guitar? – whatta you waiting for, hit the fucking thing! And if you’ve got the songs in your head and the awesomeness in your heart that these girls have, you’ll be the best band in town within minutes. Magic. With a fucking ‘k’, if you must."

Tuesday, 13 November 2007

Kate's Broken Arms

The night before a week long winter tour, Kate broke BOTH her arms. Instead of calling off the gigs, Kate just played the kick drum and Martin, Darren and The Dazzler took it in turns to play the arm bits. Health professionals and fans were in awe of her bravery.

These are Darren's notes for how to learn the drumming to our songs in one day

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